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Have fun taking surveys and you will get paid! Rakuten Insight delivers your voice to various companies around the world through the power of the survey. Our membership extends to 14 regions with over 1.8 million members globally.
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The predecessor to Rakuten Insight started in a classroom of a Tokyo university, by several Japanese and Asian students who believed in the potential opportunities of Asia and identified the need for local languages to be accessible on the newly invented Internet. They formed a collaboration and launched a multilingual portal website for Asian audiences in 1997 when the Internet and the World Wide Web was in its infancy.

Online research solutions being very limited at that time, the company that would become Rakuten Insight grew into a pioneer of Asian online sample providers recruiting respondents from their member database and networks, serving both domestic Japanese and international clients. With countless encouragement and support from clients over the world, combined with dedicated team members and together with trusted local partnerships where needed, the company opened access to researchers across the globe looking for high-quality samples and efficient solutions throughout Asia by harnessing the power of the connected world.

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